What is a moissanite?

The Moissanite - named after its discoverer, the French Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Dr. Henri Moissan - is a stone that exceeds all expectations of a gemstone in terms of luminosity, hardness and durability. This is probably also the reason why the mineral sample from a meteorite that struck Colorado (USA) was initially mistaken for diamond.

The moissanite even passes some diamond testers.

Since then, the stone with almost the same hardness (9.25) as a diamond (10) has been used as a diamond substitute. The moissanite gets its striking brilliance from the birefringence of the light in the stone. It glitters in all colors of the rainbow. In the sunlight it sparkles almost hypnotisingly.

It is very often used in jewelry these days as it costs only a fraction of a diamond & it looks the same.