Everything you need to know about gold

Gold color

There are three different gold colors for gold:

- yellow gold
- white gold
- rose gold

The colors white and rose are both based on yellow gold and are mixed with other precious metals such as palladium, silver or copper so that they get the desired gold colors.



The carat represents the percentage of pure gold that is used with alloys. 24 carat gold comes closest to what is accepted worldwide as pure gold.

24K Gold is (24/24 = 99.9% pure gold)

21K Gold is 21/24 = 87.5% pure gold)

18K Gold is (18/24 = 75.0% pure gold)

14K Gold is (14/24 = 58.5% pure gold)

10K Gold is (10/24 = 41.7% pure gold)

10 carat gold is often used in the American jewelry industry, but in many cases the gold loses its value because the jewelry is very light due to the low gold content. 10 carat gold is not used in Switzerland or in most European countries