Understand diamonds

The diamond color is rated on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown).

D: Absolutely colorless (highest quality and extremely rare)

E: Colorless (tiny traces of color, invisible to the untrained eye)

F.: Colorless (slight traces of color, not visible to the untrained eye)

G: Almost colorless and is often used in combination with F-diamonds. Together they are known as Top Wesselton colors, which means that an untrained eye can hardly see any traces of color.

H: Almost colorless and clear white to the naked eye (slight warm and yellow tone that is difficult to see when compared side by side with other better quality diamonds).

I. and lower: All diamonds rated I and lower are not used in Soprano Jewelers products. These diamond colors are used in most regions outside of Switzerland / Europe.



Diamond clarity is rated on a FL, IF, VVS, VS, SI, and I scale


FL: Flawless (inclusions and defects are not visible even at 10x magnification. Less than 1% of all diamonds are in the FL purity)

IF: Internally Flawless (Inclusions are not visible in flawless diamonds with 10x magnification. However, some small flaws can be visible on the surface of the diamond.) This purity is also called flawlessly and is the most exclusive purity offered by GGANDCO

VVS: Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS diamonds have almost invisible inclusions that are difficult to see even for a trained eye at 10x magnification. VVS2 diamonds have slightly more inclusions than VVS1)

VS: Very Slightly Included (VS diamonds have slight inclusions that are not visible without magnification 10X. VS2 diamonds have slightly more inclusions than VS1)

SI: Slightly Included (Slight inclusions are clearly visible at 10x magnification and sometimes even visible to the naked eye without magnification. SI2 diamonds have slightly more inclusions than SI1)

I: Included (I1 and I2 diamonds have inclusions that are likely to be visible to the naked eye. Not used by GGANDCO)